Labioplasty Surgery in Lahore

Asymmetrical or over-sized labia – the outer and inner folds of skin around the vulva – can be a source of embarrassment in general Female, but it can also cause sexual dysfunction or pain. Labiaplasty, which is also known as labioplasty or labial reduction, is the plastic and Cosmetic surgery of the labia in Pakistan. This procedure is usually employed in case of over-elongated labia, and reduces it in size

Reduction of labia minora and major

There are several types of  labiaplasty or surgery of the genital lips. One of them is the labiaplasty of reduction of minor and major lips . This type of surgery is carried out through a laser that cuts the hypertrophic part that is left over from both the labia majora and the labia minora.

The consequences of a lip hypertrophy can be very annoying for the patients, as an irritation due to friction with the intimate clothes.The procedure is usually performed in just 60 minutes, with general anesthesia. For this reason the patient does not feel pain and it is not necessary to enter the hospital

Labioplasty By Dr Raheela Farooq

For us, the fundamental thing behind your labiaplasty operation is to achieve a natural result and your maximum satisfaction. In order to use a safe technique and maximum safety, at Cosmoplast the operation is performed exclusively by doctors with the qualifications and experience appropriate to this procedure.

Our main advice is that, in the diagnostic consultation, ask everything you doubt about the labiaplasty . It is very important to use products of quality and reliability, so we always use machines approved by the health authorities.

It is important that you tell us what your expectations are, so we can explain if they can be met or if there are any limitations. We will explain the most appropriate correct operation for you. Also, we will inform you about the price, the different forms of payment and the possibilities .

Cost of Labioplasty in Lahore, Labia minora- major surgery in Pakistan